Daze comes with two types of sliders to choose from: complex and simple slider. Complex slider is on the top of this page. 

Complex or 3-posts-per slide Featured post slider, as the name say, shows preview of a three posts in one big slide. By clicking on a post Title featured image will change and “Read more” button will appear. By clicking on it you go on a single post.


You can choose how many posts will be displayed in the slider (let say 12 posts: this would mean that you will have 4 slides with 3 posts on each) as well as which posts you want to promote there. For every post you want to see in slider you can upload different image than one you set as a featured one, so you avoid repetition of the images on your blog page.  Also, you can use gifs in the slider and they will work just fine. 

Also, for better text visibility on slider (title, author, date…) you can control color overlay and its opacity for images used in slider. On top of it, you can add stylish retro grain effect.